Sunday, July 26, 2009

Demography anew

This interesting tidbit by Mark Steyn of National Review/Corner:
. . . I asked, "Will China be the hyperpower of the 21st century?", and answered no: It will get old before it's got rich.

Like Japan and Russia and the "experts" at The Economist, China has now begun to figure it out. From the London Times:

China Steps Back From One-Child Policy

By the way, demographic decline is one more reason why they're never gonna sign on to the ecochondriacs' emissions regime. A cheap labor market with aging and dwindling labor doesn't need any more self-inflicted wounds.

My only gripe with Mr. Steyn is that he, like many others, use "China" to mean the Commie regime currently controlling the country. He is making a very good point there, I just wish that he does not mixed the ruling Commie regime with "China". The regime can and will collapse any time, sooner or later, just like the old soviet Union. But China will be there forever!

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