Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wake up!

The Obamania media (aka the "mainstream" media) will not tell American people the truth of what is going on in the world. They are only too happy to swamp Americans with Jacko gossips. Here are just two things that American are not being duly informed:

(1) According to Cliff Kincaid of Canada Free Press: On Tuesday the leftist governments of Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez sponsored a United Nations resolution that condemned the people of Honduras for resisting the spread of communism by evicting a would-be dictator, “Mel” Zelaya. Many people in Honduras view “Mel” as a puppet of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who is destroying the democratic system and the opposition in that country.

(2) According to this Message from Honduras, "There has NOT been a coup in Honduras. The country is NOT in crisis."

Did you know all these? Hey plea ignorant and play indifference are no excuses to see your own country going down the drain also. Aren't you shocked, or at least surprised, that your elected 52.5% leader so willingly to team up with the leftest Chavez, Ortega, and Castro brothers to condemn the brave people of a small country trying to defend their Constitution?

Look what have you done last November?

Wake up America! If he is so eager to ignore and destroy other country's Constitution, do you think he really care about our own U.S. Constitution?

It took 233 years to build our great country today. Don't let the Commie followers to destroy us in a few months.

Wake up!

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