Thursday, January 14, 2010

OFM: Obama's fuzzy math

This from Bobby Eberle of theLoft:

OFM is quite fascinating. In most math problems if you subtract from a number, the result is a smaller number. But not with OFM. Using Obama's system, as more people lose their jobs -- hundreds of thousands every month -- the number of jobs created or saved (whatever that means) has actually gone up. It's the new subtraction. But, of course, it doesn't add up.

In December, 85,000 jobs were lost, and the unemployment rate remained at 10 percent. Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) summed up the situation perfectly by saying, "Democrats continue to advance a liberal agenda that is doing more harm than good. The policies of higher taxes, runaway spending, record debt and government takeovers, are having a chilling effect on jobs creators across the country."

and this:

The Obama administration was first claiming that 640,000 were created or saved from the economic stimulus plan. "But more errors were found, with tens of thousands of problems documented in corrected counts, from the substantive to the clerical."

So... what does Obama do? He scraps his plan and comes up with a new method for accounting that's even fuzzier. As noted by the AP, "The Obama administration now is making it easier to give the stimulus credit for hiring. It's no longer about counting a job as saved or created; now it's a matter of counting jobs funded by the stimulus."

Is Obama serious? The AP, which is not known for it's unbiased reporting, even notes that "any stimulus money used to cover payroll will be included in the jobs credited to the program, including pay raises for existing employees and pay for people who never were in jeopardy of losing their positions."

So, guess what Obama's new claim is? The 640,000 number is out. The 2 million number is in. Wow! Now that's quite a change. And, yes... with a straight face, White House officials are now saying that the economic stimulus plan has created or saved up to 2 million jobs.

In another AP story on GOPUSA, Obama is all smiles because of a report produced by his own economic council that states "the annual growth rate last year would have been roughly 2 percentage points lower, and there would have been 1.5 million to 2 million fewer jobs" without the stimulus.

Of course, it's impossible to prove what would have, should have, or could have happened if something was not done, but that doesn't stop Obama for taking credit for it.

And now Obama wants another stimulus bill... more money out of all our pockets to fund jobs that HE thinks should be funded. Doesn't it make sense that jobs will be created when American companies are ready to hire? Creating a job through the government when the economy won't support it on its own makes no sense. The only reason that job exists is because the government says it must exist and taxpayers are paying the salary.

Obama's Fuzzy Math is more than just fuzzy. It's a clear attempt to rally public opinion for a set of policies that take power away from the American people, put more power in the hands of government, and drive the country further into massive debt. That kind of math just doesn't add up.

I am reminded of Hans Christian Anderson' "Emperor's New Clothes" except that it's not the crooked weavers this time, it's the crooked leader that American was fooled to elect with 52.7 % of vote that is truly rotten to the core!

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