Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who has Miranda right?

This from LA Times:
Reporting from Baghdad - Vice President Joe Biden promised Saturday that the Obama administration would appeal a U.S. court's decision to drop charges against a group of Blackwater guards involved in a shooting that left at least 14 Iraqi civilians dead.

The September 2007 shootings in a busy Baghdad square enraged Iraqis, and tempers were further inflamed last month when a U.S. federal judge dismissed criminal charges against five of the former guards for the security firm now known as Xe. The judge ruled that the prosecution improperly built the case on incriminating statements the guards were forced to give to the State Department.
Let me get this straight: the judge rightfully dismissed the charges because they were not instructed to remain silence. Why would Obama administration appeal the decision? Al Qaeda works for Al Qaeda will have full Miranda right according to Obama, but U.S citizens worked for U.S. company were forced to give incriminating statments? Yes, that's the true form of Obama justice!

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