Sunday, November 1, 2009

Calling a spade a spade!

One of the drawbacks of the internet is that from the vast and rich source of information available to me, it constantly reminds me of my ignorance, even though I am being constantly educated. A case in point, I just learned about the Philadelphia's Family Newspaper, The Bulletin and one of their opinion writers, Herb Denenberg. In the commentary by Mr. Denenberg this morning, a long article, there is this:
Don’t kid yourself. America, as we know it, America, as conceived by the Founding Fathers, is under attack by Obama, the Democratic Congress, and the Obama Administration. He has to be stopped if America is to be saved. The great columnist Thomas Sowell is right when he said that it’s time to stop weighing the evidence, and start stopping Mr. Obama as his anti-American programs and values are crystal clear to anyone paying attention. This will require an organized uprising of citizens to stop his programs, especially the most dangerous and damaging ones such as ObamaCare and Cap and Trade. The time for action is right now, and any delay may be fatal to the survival of the greatest nation in the history of the world. We better hear “freedom’s call” and answer it now in its defense in every legal and appropriate way. Or we may be well on the way to becoming a broken down banana republic, a European socialist-style state or worse. There is a war going on against America values, and we better fight back in full force or we will lose that war and will lose America.
What a wonderfully brilliant writing that all Americans should read and re-read again to be aware on what really is going on in our country. In the article Denenberg clearly and documented in details why he calls Barack Hussein "Mm Mm Mm" Obama liar, phony and hypocrite, socialist, and fascist. For Mr. Denenberg that's simply telling like it is, calling a spade a spade and a phony a phony. So refreshing! Please read the whole article and also this one, you will be enlightened!

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