Saturday, November 14, 2009

See Obama, see Obama bow low, mmm mmm mm!

Did you see that? Mmm mmm mm! Bow low is obviously Obama's specialty by now. This time to the Emperior Akihoto of Japan. This Los Angeles Times article this morning asks "How low will he go?" and calls it a "wow bow" completes with videos and pictures. Please go read the article. I suspect that it might be there for too long.

For comparison here's how former U.S. Vice President show his respect:

And of course here's also a picture of General Douglas MacArthur with Akihito's father Hirohito.

It was General MacArthur who decided to allow Japan to keep its emperior as a" ceremonial unifying institution within a nascent democracy" as this LA Times article recalls the history.

Well I said it's Obama's specialty to bow low, objections? Here's an previous bow:

Now that's "wow bow" Obama, Mmm mmm mm!

Update 11/17/2009

You can just count on brilliant cartoonist to put things in real perspective:

Thanks to Mr. Michael Ramirez and Investors Business Daily.

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