Friday, October 9, 2009

Ig Nobel peace prize -- joker's joke

Quick, do you know who Le duc tho is?

Now an easier question, can you name a famous name that was nominated or a winner for Nobel peace prize?

Well, Bush, yes, he was nominated, Carter, yes, he was a winner, Gore, yes, he had won one too along with thousands of his fellow alarmists, . . .

Keep going, Gandhi?

Yes! He was nominated in 1938, "although the committee agreed that he didn't deserve recognition" according to this February 21, 2003 Guardian article.

Keep going. who else?


Yes, indeed, Adolf Hitler, was nominated for Nobel peace prize in 1938 also. That was "after the persecution of the Jews had been established under the Nuremberg laws" according to Guardian.

The above mentioned 2003 Guardian article, entitled "Ignoble peace prize" has this subtitle:
Given the fact that previous nominees include Adolf Hitler and Henry Kissinger, can anyone take the Nobel Peace Prize seriously, asks Paul Hamilos
No, no one would in their right mind, take the Nobel peace prize seriously at any rate, especially in 2009 today, no one can be surprised either. The joker's joke continues!

Now here's the tidbit Guardian alluded to which I doubt that's well known to everyone:
The prize was inspired by Alfred Nobel's secretary, Bertha von Suttner, who was nominated four times (nothing to do, of course, with Alfred being deeply in love with her) and was the first female winner in 1905.
Clearly it has never been really taken too seriously from day one. I think Alfrred and Bertha would turning in their graves much more stronger than before. Because the possibility of a nuclear war is much stronger now than a year ago and 300 million U.S. people have rendered much less safe and defenseless after their country's defense had been unconditionally disarmed by the 2009 Nobel Peace prize winner recently.

Poor American people, they made the worst mistake in their 233 years glorious history in 2008. Now their future, their safety, their dream, . . . are all in doubt. All because they elected some joker to lead their country who couldn't even show you where he was born -- and taking orders from the Commie regime occupying Chinese mainland not to see another Nobel Peace prize winner, Dalai Lama, among other things!

Please don't despair, American people are too strong and too smart not to take their country back and restore their former glory.

Let us pray!

P. S.

Oh yes, in case you are still not knowing who Le duc tho is, he was the one that presided at the first U.S. surrender by Henry Kissenger under Gerald Ford who sold out U.S. ally the Republic of Vietnam -- after the U.S. armed forces had won all the battles against the Viet Com on the battlefield. That's the part of the real history you may be too young or too indifferent to know.

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