Friday, October 30, 2009

Phony GDP growth

I must plea ignorant again. I came across the following video and it makes so much sense and I have no idea who Peter Schiff is. Whatever, when he makes sense, he just makes sense!

Actually there are tons of information about Mr. Peter Schiff one can easily find online. A good thing to know is that Schiff is running for the 2010 senate seat of Connecticut. All the power to him! Let's send him our best wishesl and spare dollars. The funny thing is that the thugs party that oppose him is already trying to say he lacks qualification. Ha! Mr. Schiff is an American and full blood natural born American citizen. He has not seal any record about his life. He will not hesitate to show his birth certificate. Other than he has never connected to ACORN, what qualification do you need? Go for it!

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