Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gun smoke in Mombasa, Kenya

WorldNetDaily just posted the following document:

which appears to be an official Birth Certificate from Coast General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya for a Male with Christian Name of Barack Hussein II, born on 4th August, 1961.

Now compare it with this one that everyone should recognize it as the "official" one and no one should stupid enough to question it:

How interesting, same date, same father and mother, same given name, but this one was born half way across the globe in Honolulu, State of Hawaii. No hospital name, could be born at his home or on the street or whatever. Clearly the State of Hawaii couldn't care less. Do they always issue this kind of official document with no official seal, no official signature? Welcome to the State of Hawaii, Aloha!

By the way, one more thing, the Kenya document was typed from a real typewriter. Yes, that's the only thing they have in 1961 in Kenya. But the State of Hawaii is obviously much, much more advanced in 1961. They even had the Arial kind of font in their 1961 system to produce the above COLB. I assume it was produced in 1961 since it was registered on August 8, 1961! Strange, it took 4 days in Hawaii but Kenya registration was the next day. Why? Here's another question for old timers: Was it a common thing in 1961 to identify "African" as a race? Aha, the plot thickens.

Well where ever he was born, being only two days away, a happy birthday is in order:

That was unquestionably an authentic 1962 thing!

Here are some very powerful must-hear relevant videos Americans are generally not being informed of their existence:

Update August 11, 2009:

Here's the latest about the aftermath of the discovery of the Kenya Birth Certificate:

Attempt to debunk Obama's Kenyan birth certificate debunked.

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