Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Joker

It is presently appearing at the Drudge Report as the Joker right now:

But I first saw it at Altas Shrugs (who credits to Tammy Bruce) as:

In case anyone should be outraged by this, please recall this Vanity Fair master piece a year ago (Hat tip: Anchoress):

Were you outraged then? Neither should you be outraged now. That's the freedom of expression of our Blessed U.S.A guaranteed by our Constitution. It does not reflect our best by any means. But if Vanity Fair can have it, so does everyone else in U.S.A. Bush did not, and could not, hide anything. Hey, what and how much is Obama hiding right now?


Here's a news reported in Wired.com today which is by no means right-wing:

In a play out of the anti-Bush, counterculture playbook, someone or some organization has transformed an image of President Obama into a parody of The Joker from last summer’s The Dark Knight and plastered the poster around Los Angeles.

The poster appeared over the weekend at spots around the city before spurring an online controversy Monday.

Supporters of the president call the image — which brands Obama a “socialist” — ugly, mean-spirited and disrespectful to the office of the president. But those opposing White House policies (or just embracing freedom of expression) point out that the same folks backing Obama now had no problem with images depicting President Bush as a vampire a few years ago.

Right or left, political outrage is usually very selective. But this is a surprisingly hip strategy by Obama opponents when you consider how easily the “hope and change” mass media campaign crushed John McCain in 2008.

The article, by John Scott Lewinski, is titled "Joker-ized Obama Image Appears Around L.A." So it is not an isolated instance, it is appeared "Around L.A." So after 6 months of Obama, Americans are really waking up. This is America! Dash Obama's hope and change, Yes we can!

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