Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trickery failure

Here's a super video report by Jonathan Weisman of the Wall Street Journal

Jonathan's full article is here. The following table is very educational, because it's the translation of words I have heard and read in the news but have not the slightest idea on what in the world do they really meant.
Ah-ha! That's all clear now: "sliding scale" means free; "public option" is really government take over; "regulation" sounds bad -- it's rules; and "choice of private and public plans" is in fact coverage for illegal aliens.

Well, those petty elites think they can play the hocus-pocus in words to fool people, American people just too smart to fall for those trickeries. So Chairman BO of the granny-killing death panelis already resigned that he will likely to be another Jimmy Carter with one-term and out as the Whitehouse is starting hiss hiss about it. But Americans will be rejoiced to have our country back!

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