Friday, August 28, 2009

Reasonable questions

I think I am one of the very few Americans that does not have cable. I did not like what they have to offer in the early days of cable. Now today that has not been changed, with may be one exception. But it's silly to get cable just to watch one channel. Anyway, thanks to Algore for "invented" internet, now the things I would like to watch are now can be found on the internet. So here's the site I must visit daily, or almost daily: Glenn Beck's Current Events & Politics.

Now having said all the above, to more or less explain why I have been posting Glenn Beck clips in the last few days. I still like to show the following video clips from last night. Beck asked those reasonable questions for us Americans. Don't these unanswered questions from the "transparent" Obama presidency bother you? If not and you are still somehow reading this blog, you are definitely in the wrong place, please go somewhere else.

Five months ago, the great one, Mark Levin, asked the same question on his radio program:

About the same time frame as Levin, this blog "If I am Tryly Free . . . " also looked into this case as a private citizen and asked the same question and did some useful research of her own with this powerful comment:
As it stands now, the voting majority of this country is being played, because they elevated race and political correctness, above all common sense, morality and practical judgement, and the rest of us are being dragged right along with them under the leadership of the man they call "Mr. President."
I am sure there are plenty of others also asking. American has a right to know! We just have to ask the question again and again until we are satisfied with the answer. Is that too much to ask?


Here's my question: Do Americans know what is going on in the country right now?

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