Thursday, May 28, 2009

Joker is wild!

I have seen all kinds of reports and comments on this case, but I have yet to hear it reported by the drive-by media Obamania gang. Here's the news reported from the Telegraph:
Obama's green guru calls for white roofs
President Obama's energy adviser has suggested all the world's roofs should be painted white as part of efforts to slow global warming.

Professor Steven Chu, the US Energy Secretary, said the unusual proposal would mean homes in hot countries would save energy and money on air conditioning by deflecting the sun's rays.

More pale surfaces could also slow global warming by reflecting heat into space rather than allowing it to be absorbed by dark surfaces where it is trapped by greenhouse gases and increases temperatures.

And how profound can this be?

The Nobel Prize-winning physicist said the US was not considering any large scale "geo-engineering" projects where science is used to reverse global warming, but was in favour of "white roofs everywhere".

He said lightening roofs and roads in urban environments would offset the global warming effects of all the cars in the world for 11 years.

That should be sufficient to make you wonder how would Mr. Alfred Bernhard Nobel feel to see some of the winners of the prizes that carrying his name are world class jokers, turning in his grave may be?

I found this following comment from Shawm Mallow in Wizbangblog makes a whole lot more sense and brings something Steven Chu does not have -- that thing called "common sense":

This is from a man who won a Nobel Prize.

They just give the damn things away these days.

If "global warming" is caused by "greenhouse gases", how exactly would reflected heat from pale colored roofs escape our atmosphere. This is contradictory in itself.

I suppose we should consider dying the dark blue oceans white, as well?

Let's assume that this kooky idea has a shred of merit. While this may be fine for hot, summer months, wouldn't a dark roof be better to cut down on heating structures in the winter months?

If heat is absorbed by dark colors, would it not make more sense to "global warming" nuts to advocate for dark roofs? Thus keeping more heat out of the atmosphere?

Ah, what's the use.

You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

Well, sat back and enjoy folks. This is only the start. In the next 3 and 1/2 years it's going to be the old television show called "Joker is wild" all over again!

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