Monday, May 18, 2009

My day dreaming

When I was a freshman at Tai-Ta (National Taiwan University) in the early 1950's, one of the articles for our English reading class was "If I were a freshman again" by Thomas Arkle Clark. The title is all that I remember, whatever wisdom and advice in the article were never make any impression on me. What was surprising to me was that I always thought that article were required reading for college freshmen everywhere which is not the case -- especially not in U.S. Anyway in retirement I found myself fully subscribed to these Dean Clark's initial words:

"One of the pastimes in which everyone periodically indulges is the pleasant hallucination that if he were given the opportunity to live his youth over again he would do it differently and more successfully."

I have been thinking recently, not so much as to be a freshman again, but rather what I'll do if I were a high school graduate again. What was on my mind was that I'll either try to attend the Ave Maria University or go to George Mason University to study Economics under Prof. Walter E. Williams.

To show you the reason for my second choice, here's a Youtube lecture by Prof. Williams. Don't you like to hear him all the time also?

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