Monday, May 11, 2009

Where's 21st century?

There is nothing humorous but I received an email from one of the "learned" societies I belong to informing us that the theme for an oncoming meeting is something as "From observation to prediction in the 21st century" and I have to lol:"Ha!"

As if there is some magic about 21st century after we have been in it for 9 years already, what's the big deal?

From all indications, the last 20 years of 20th century has been pretty messed up for the experts particularly for some of the "experts" in climate field. EVERY predictions made by them has all been proven wrong. They predicted global warming. Instead we are experiencing unmistakable cooling trend. Bashful? Hardly! Scientists have wittingly or unwittingly allowed themselves to become a political pawn all for some funding assurance . . . what a pity! Can the magic 21st century pull us out of the mess? Where is 21st century?

I wouldn't be at all surprised or offended if future clear-minded scientists looking back at these years and making fun of the science and scientist in the period we are in right now. It's the "intelligence challenged" era! They couldn't predict the weather accurately two days from now, but they want to make us believe they can predict the temperature 100 years from now. And everyone accepts it. Amazing isn't it? Even Nobel laureates in physics in that crowd. What does he want? What has the world turned into?

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