Monday, May 11, 2009

Let the truth be funny

Time to turn on the laughter track now, here comes the joke:

“I am Barack Obama. Most of you cover me. All of you voted for me!”

Yes, this is the joke as told from the guy currently occupying the Oval Office. He told it at White House Correspondents' Dinner Saturday. Yes, telling the truth can be funny some time, even when he was trying to bragging. Actually even in three short sentences, he can't quite stick to the total truth. The middle sentence: "Most of you cover me." It should read: "Most of you doing the cover up for me." That's why he's bragging. It's something he can count on for certain. He used it successfully to intimidate the Chrysler creditors to succomb to his demands, otherwise he'll have the White House Press Corps to ruin them. He can most certainly do that.

You did not hear this?

Oh you poor misinformed soul. Of course you did not. Because that was the very thing that was conveniently covered up by the White House Press Corps gang. See how nice they enjoy each other? But American people are deprived of an objective media -- only Obama people's daily minions pretend to be journalist. That's why! What else do you expect?

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