Saturday, September 5, 2009

1600's a joke

I got the following excerpt from here, hat-tip to instapundit:
1600's a joke

I'm a commie, so I don't get no respect
You'd think the hammer and the sickle don't intersect
Karl Marx, you know that dude was Number 1
Even though he was so pale, never saw the sun
No sunblock, just the Eastern Bloc and
Hatin' capitalists, tried to kick their jock in
I need to be in the White House schemin'
Care about your liberty? Man, just keep dreamin'

I call ya racist 'cause the race card's quicker
Than goin' back and forth, you white folks like to bicker
The reason why I say that is you always whine and plead
Workin' on my nerves until I'm just like, "Cracka, please!"
Hey Chairman Mao, we need ya now
Why buy the milk when you can nationalize the cow?
You better wake up and smell the state vodka
Treat Van Jones with respect, you cockblocka!

Not a morning starter, but, hey, it's a sign of the times we are in now. By the way, if you don't know who Van Jones is, you are a poor mis-informed soul. Take a look at this from Power Line. Sadly for America, Jones is just one of the many commie lunatics Obama surrounds himself with:

Update: Van Jones resigned.

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