Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Consequences of 60 years tyranny

What consequences to Chinese people upon suffering through 60 years tyranny? I think some of the best answers can be found in this Forum and, in particular, the following reflections by writer Sheng Xue, a native of Beijing presently residing in Edmonton, Canada:
Prior to the CCP era, Chinese people had values that shaped their actions and kept society upright.

But after 1949, a fundamental change occurred, namely Chinese people no longer can protect their personal dignity. ... The series of political movements—the ‘Three Antis and Five Antis’ movement, the anti-rightist movement, and the Cultural Revolution—all target Chinese people’s dignity, self-respect, and spirit. After all these that have occurred, Chinese people were forced to give up their dignity in order to live.
For the last 60 years the one billion Chinese people on the mainland has been deprived of the basic values that everyone else in the world universally agrees upon, such as democracy, freedom, rule of law, and human rights.

So to put bluntly, under the Commie regime Chinese people have lost their ability to judge. The Commie regime has twisted the dignity of the mainland Chinese people.
It blocks every possibility of you becoming a good person. That’s why nowadays, you can just go on any Web sites that are not official to the Chinese regime, and you would see new reports of crimes, abductions, and murders almost every minute.

That is why modern China has become the least suitable place for civilized people to live in human history.
Additionally I think these quotes from the Epoch Times Commentaries VI is germane here:

Since attaining power in 1949, the CCP has devoted the nation’s resources to destroying China’s traditional culture. This ill intention did not come from the CCP’s zeal for industrialization, nor from simple foolishness in worshipping Western civilization. Rather, it came from the CCP’s inherent ideological opposition to traditional Chinese culture. Thus, the CCP’s destruction of Chinese culture has been planned, well organized, and systematic, supported by the state’s use of violence. Since its establishment, the CCP has never stopped “revolutionizing” Chinese culture in the attempt to destroy its spirit completely.

Even more despicable than the CCP’s destruction of traditional culture is its intentional misuse and underhanded modification of traditional culture. The CCP has highlighted the vile parts from China’s history, things that occurred whenever people diverged from traditional values, such as internal strife for power within the royal family, the use of tactics and conspiracy, and the exercise of dictatorship and despotism. It has used these historical examples to help create the CCP’s own set of moral standards, ways of thinking, and system of discourse. In doing so, the CCP has given the false impression that the “Party culture” is actually a continuation of traditional Chinese culture. The CCP has even taken advantage of the aversion some people have for the “Party culture” to incite further abandonment of the authentic Chinese tradition.

The CCP’s destruction of traditional culture has brought disastrous consequences to China. Not only have people lost their moral bearings, they have also been forcibly indoctrinated with the CCP’s evil theories.

And according to the estimate made five years ago, the Chinese commie regime has brutally killed 80 million innocent Chinese people since usurped the mainland China in 1949 to consolidate their power and for the ideeological "dictatorship and proletariat".

Here's just one case 20 years ago that had gotten out so the world can see:

And of course everybody remembers this one:

What I don't understand is: Why would Obama with his supposedly high intelligence could still be so goo-goo ga-ga about this bloody regime?

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