Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The darkness has come!

What's happening to the country? No one puts it better and more accurately described what's happening than Judi Mcleod of
An American president in office less than nine months delivered the United States of America over to control of the United Nations today. In his brutal betrayal, there were no shots fired, insults to his own country from the silver tongue of Barack Obama.

Not since Judas Iscariot sold out the real Messiah for 30 pieces of silver has a betrayal been so piercing to the human heart.

The article is a must-read for any real American. Mcleod concluded with this:
Passing himself off as a saviour of the poor and the black, his own relatives still live in huts with water delivered by donkey.

For all of those who voted for Obama thinking he would ease the poverty of their lives, you have now been rendered a “global citizen” by nothing more than a smooth talking, power-tripping politician.

America you were badly betrayed by your own president today. But this is not the time to weep. It is the time to reclaim your country.

The darkness has come.

Sadly she's right on, the darkness has come! Is this the "change" your have in mind when you cast your vote? It's time to wake up now. Wake up, please!

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