Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Obama loves commie that controls the mainland China

In a few days the commie regime will celebrate its 60th year of usurp the mainland of China. One billion people suffered under the commie tyranny for 60 long years! What did Obama do? He raised the bloody commie flag over the White House:

How do you feel about it, America?

On that hoopla day of the commie regime, they will have major military parades to show off their troops and power. I am sure Barack Hussein Obama and his follow koolaid drinkers will be impressed overwhelmingly. Before you might ooo and aaa when you see those parades on your state run Obamanian TV reports, I hope you can be informed how those poor soldiers were trained to be the human robots you see.

To keep the head exactly straight upright, they put pins on their neck:

And here's how to keep everyone in line. It's all computer controlled, anyone makes a slight wrong movement, the alarm will ring.

Have you ever even dreamed possible of this kind of inhuman training for just propaganda purpose? Stay tuned. Pictures are from New Tang Dynasty Television. Here's the latest ntstv news.

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